Russia in the world economy system

Pushkareva L. V. Russia in the world economy system. — St. Petersburg:Publishing Press Association, 2020. — 102 p.

Russia’s rich natural energy potential provides a very advantageous position. It remains the only major world Power to fully meet its energy needs at the expense
of its own resources. Russia is ahead of all major industrialized countries in terms of mineral fuel reserves per capita. Under these conditions, trade in energy and
minerals is still the main profile of the country’s specialization in the international division of labor.

R e v i e w e r s:
O. A. Galochkina, Doctor of Economics, Vice-Rector-Head of the Department for Scientific Work, Cheboksary Cooperative Institute (Branch) of the Russian University of Cooperation  
S. J. D. Kozmenko, Ph. D., Ph. D., a researcher at the Federal Budget Office of Science, the Institute of Economic Problems of the Kola Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences


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